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Photos of Interest
2005 RASigs Perth Reunion Photos (press)
2005 Winch Perth Holiday Photos (press)
2006 Winch Melbourne Holiday Photos (press)
2006 Winch Woodwork Restoration Photos (press)
2006 Winch UK Business Trip (press)
2006 The Powerful Owl - and other birds (press)
2007 Winch Holiday Poona - June 2007 (press)
2007 Winch Holiday Singapore - July 2007 (press)
2007 Kath's Holiday London & Edinburgh- July 07 (press)
2007 Kath's Holiday UK & Europe - July 07 (press)
2007 Ned Winch (press)
2008 Winch Holiday. London and Singapore - Dec 2008 / Jan 2009
2009 RASigs Reunion - Vietnam November 2009
2013 RASigs Reunion - Barossa Valley South Australia 2013a
2013 November - Lorikeets at Beachmere Queensland a

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This website is designed to provide information for ex RA Sigs Corps people on RA Sigs information and Sigs Associations located in Australia.
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Australian Flag

The flag to the right of the Australian Flag above is the Queensland Flag - I thought that I might mention this for those amongst us who are "Geographically Challenged" i.e. people that don't live in the best state in Australia - "We love it up here"!

Also, for those with Australian Flag interests, there is a section on this website that contains some historical details about the stars on the Australian Flag - see the Australian Flag page.
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Contact Me

Please contact me if you want me to publish something of interest on this site.


David (Buddha) Winch
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Copyright Notice

This Copyright stuff all sounds real official! My thoughts on this subject is that you can use just about anything you want from my pages, but if you make some "moola" out of it, then just watch yar back cowboy!
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These webpages are dedicated to the memory of Mal Adams, Barry Hearn & Brian Palmer. They were all bloomin' great blokes, top soldiers and dedicated family men.

I was (among many) deeply honoured to know them. They are sadly missed.

RIP my friends.
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Hamish "Spotly" Winch
20 Dec 1995 to 25 May 2007
RIP my beautiful and loyal mate